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Laras Mocha Latte with Hazelnut

Laras Mocha Latte with HazelnutIntroducing a sensual blend of Brazilian Arabica and Robusta coffee beans blended with nutty hazelnut and delicious cocoa. The Laras Mocha Latte with Hazelnut is formulated based ...

BoBoiBoy Koko

koko-pouch-newNew pre-mix beverages from LARAS! BoBoiBoy Koko is a pre-mixed Cocoa Drinks powder where it is sought after for its goodness, nutritious and energy values..

LARAS Chai Latte Special Blend

Chai Latte Special BlendsSpoil yourself with a delightful cup of LARAS Chai Latte Special Blend. Made from heavenly black tea leaves that were grown in organic farm, added with luscious ...

LARAS Coffee with Tongkat Ali & Ginseng

Laras Coffee with Tongkat AliLaras Instant Coffee with Tongkat Ali & Ginseng is a premium blend of Brasilian Arabica and Robusta coffees enhanced with ...

You are here: The Herbs in LARAS Eurycoma Longifolia
Eurycoma Longifolia


Tongkat ALI or scientifically known as eurycoma longifolia, is a native plant found in the forests of Malaysia and Indonesia. It is traditionally used to treat various diseases such as like headaches and wounds. It also has anti-tumour, anti-inflammation and anti-oxidant properties. Tongkat Ali is also proven to increase the improving the male libido and sexual capabilities, strengthening muscles, improving blood circulation and an anti-oxide for the slow aging process.

Study shows that hormone testosterone which is responsible for the male’s sexual capability will start progressively decline when a man reaches the age of 30. The chemicals found in the root of Tongkat Ali namely eurikomanone, eurikomalaktone and eurikomanol are important for improving the level of the hormone testosterone. It also helps to increase the rate of blood flow and metabolic rate. Modern ‘freeze-dried’ production process is now available to enable consumers to safely savour genuine Tongkat Ali. Good quality Tongkat Ali are pure extracts of the plants’ roots and fully soluble in water.

Improvement in the male health will be noticeable with regular consumption of Tongkat Ali extracts based on its recommended dosage. At LARAS, we have our own plantation and Tongkat Ali processing plant to ensure product of high-quality and consistency. Tongkat Ali roots are harvested taken and sent to our factory in Shah Alam for extract. We employ the 'freeze-dried ' process where the roots of every 100kg Tongkat Ali will produce 1kg of the pure, water-soluble extract.