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Laras Mocha Latte with Hazelnut

Laras Mocha Latte with HazelnutIntroducing a sensual blend of Brazilian Arabica and Robusta coffee beans blended with nutty hazelnut and delicious cocoa. The Laras Mocha Latte with Hazelnut is formulated based ...

BoBoiBoy Koko

koko-pouch-newNew pre-mix beverages from LARAS! BoBoiBoy Koko is a pre-mixed Cocoa Drinks powder where it is sought after for its goodness, nutritious and energy values..

LARAS Chai Latte Special Blend

Chai Latte Special BlendsSpoil yourself with a delightful cup of LARAS Chai Latte Special Blend. Made from heavenly black tea leaves that were grown in organic farm, added with luscious ...

LARAS Coffee with Tongkat Ali & Ginseng

Laras Coffee with Tongkat AliLaras Instant Coffee with Tongkat Ali & Ginseng is a premium blend of Brasilian Arabica and Robusta coffees enhanced with ...

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Frequently Asked Questions

A. about Tongkat Ali Euryco Extract

1. Who needs LARAS Euryco Extract ?
Laras Euryco Extract is recommended for those who do heavy work that?requires high physical capabilities and mental alertness?such as sportsmen, athletes, executives, long distance travellers, workers?and anybody who need to feel good. Basically LARAS Euryco Extract is suitable for anyone who?need that extra energy, agility and mental alertness to face daily activities and chores.

A clinical trial report?done on our product showed that
LARAS Euryco Extract is very effective?in improving?and preserving?testosterone for men aged 30 years and over.? Testosterone is a a type of hormone that makes a man?a man.? Testosterone?controls the state of feeling-good and therefore improves?libido, sexual function and vitality of?human being.

2. After how long the effect felt after taking LARAS Euryco Extract ?
From 3 days to a week after taking LARAS Euryco Extract .? It varies between individuals depending on the physical body conditions and lifestyle of the person. We see the effects more quickly for those who regularly do physical exercise.

3. Does the positive effect will stop when I stop taking LARAS Euryco Extract ?
The positive effects will gradually disappear in 3 days to a week after stop taking it. Even so, it will turn high again after taking LARAS Euryco Extract back.

4. Can women take LARAS Euryco Extract?
Definitely Yes! Women also need?some testosterone for energy and supporting more vigorous activities but it is recommended that the?dosage?is slightly lower. LARAS Euryco Extract has also has shown to contain plant chemical that show a characteristic?of cell that?prevent the growth of breast cancer.

5. Are there any side effects after taking LARAS Euryco Extract capsules?
Based on research and feedback from users, there are
NO side effects or harm to the contrary.

6. Is it true, that there are people feel dry after taking LARAS Euryco Extract ?
There are people who feel so in the early stages of taking it, as
Tongkat Ali is the 'thermogenic' which generates heat. However, the situation is different with each individual. Therefore, it is advisable to drink more water. This feeling will be lost whet the body has adjust and to feel beeter after taking LARAS Euryco Extract .

7. When is the best time to take the LARAS Euryco Extract capsules?
After having meals, morning or night, or before making a vigorous physical activity.

8. I had taken for several weeks, but it does not make any effect. What are the reasons?
Lifestyles and practices, such as unbalanced diet, lack of physical activity and more smoking and drinking alcohol will reduce the testosterone. Those in this group took longer to
revocer a good level and the next testosterone benefited from LARAS Euryco Extract .

9. Can those who suffer from heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure taking LARAS Euryco Extract ?
No problem.
LARAS Euryco Extract is useful to support overall health and reduce these problems for them. However, see the doctor frequently for examination and health monitoring.

10. Will I be addicted to Tongkat Ali?
No, even if you take it for a longer time.

11. Can overdose with Tongkat Ali happens?
Scientific studies have shown LARAS Euryco Extract is water soluble and safe even in high doses. Excess Tongkat Ali will come out naturally from the body through urine and sweat.