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Laras Mocha Latte with Hazelnut

Laras Mocha Latte with HazelnutIntroducing a sensual blend of Brazilian Arabica and Robusta coffee beans blended with nutty hazelnut and delicious cocoa. The Laras Mocha Latte with Hazelnut is formulated based ...

BoBoiBoy Koko

koko-pouch-newNew pre-mix beverages from LARAS! BoBoiBoy Koko is a pre-mixed Cocoa Drinks powder where it is sought after for its goodness, nutritious and energy values..

LARAS Chai Latte Special Blend

Chai Latte Special BlendsSpoil yourself with a delightful cup of LARAS Chai Latte Special Blend. Made from heavenly black tea leaves that were grown in organic farm, added with luscious ...

LARAS Coffee with Tongkat Ali & Ginseng

Laras Coffee with Tongkat AliLaras Instant Coffee with Tongkat Ali & Ginseng is a premium blend of Brasilian Arabica and Robusta coffees enhanced with ...

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LARAS Euryco Extract

Eurycoma Longifolia Jack better known as Tongkat Ali in Malaysia is a rainforest plant found in South East Asia. LARAS use the roots to produce freeze-dried water-soluble extracts, which encapsulated into capsules for Euryco Extract.

Tongkat Ali is well known for its aphrodisiac properties and increased the testosterone (male sex hormones) of men. Studies on Tongkat Ali extract shows the following effects:

Benefits of Tongkat Ali

  • Increased formation of testosterone (male’s sex hormones).
  • Increase energy and sexual function.
  • Antioxidant properties to slowdown the ageing process.
  • Build muscle mass.
  • Improve blood circulation.
  • Inhibit the growth of breast cancer cells.


In LARAS, Tongkat Ali extract use Freeze-Dried Water-Soluble extracts and it is the safe and the best method of extraction. Euryco Extract has Standardized Active Ingredient that is more than Triple the Strength of water soluble Tongkat Ali 100:1, which mean 100kg of Tongkat Ali root is able to produce 1kg of Tongkat Ali extract.


The water-soluble extract contains mainly phenolic components, tannins, high molecular weight polysaccharide, glycoprotein and mucopolysacharides. It is believed that these water-soluble components are biologically active in rendering some of the observed properties. Currently, these components are being characterized and intensive studies on the properties of these components are being vigorously examined by Malaysian, Japanese and American scientists.


Since 1994, different authorities have carried out various scientific experiments on the aphrodisiac properties of Tongkat Ali. The School of Pharmaceutical Science, University Science Malaysia [Ref. Biological & Pharmaceutical Bulletin 21(2) 1998 153-155; Archives of Pharmacal Research (Seoul), 20(6). 1997. 656-658; International Journal of Pharmacognosy, 35(2). 1997. 144-46; Experimental Animals (Tokyo), 46(4). 1997. 287-90]; reported that, in the test carried out in the laboratory, the extract of Tongkat Ali has aphrodisiac effect in the experiment on animals. It increased the number of times and length of the sexual performance of the animal under study.

Experiments carried out by team of scientist in the University of Malaya showed the water-soluble extracts from Tongkat Ali have the following effects:

  • In vitro tests on human testicular tissue homogenates showed Tongkat Ali water-soluble extract increased the formation of testosterone (male sex hormones) by 4.4 fold.
  • Studies conducted on animals showed significant changes in the male:female ratio of the offspring, i.e. 3:1 ratio in the treated group compared to 1:1 ratio in the untreated group.
  • Experiments conducted also showed that the water-soluble extract has the ability to increase the sperm concentration, percentage of progressive sperm and the mobility rate. The results obtained suggest that Tongkat Ali water-soluble extract could increase the quality and the quantity of the sperm, and therefore, increase the fertility rate.
  • Tongkat Ali water-soluble extract has the potential of increasing fertility and also helps increase the litter size.